Burton’s Innovative Snowboards Use Surf-Inspired Tech To Float Over Powder

When snowboarding was invented back in the late 70s and early 80s, most ski resorts didn’t allow riders anywhere near the slopes. Instead, snowboarders had to head off-piste, relying on side hills and golf courses to get their fix. To develop boards that could navigate the tricky terrain, many riders turned to surfing for inspiration, adding specialty cambers and swallowtails to foster more float.

With the launch of its all-new Family Tree 3D snowboard series, Burton is revisiting its roots in surfing. Where typical boards come with a smooth profile edge-to-edge, these powder-specific shapes sport a uniquely contoured base, an addition that allows them to navigate the deep stuff much more efficiently. In practice, this is because they create additional contact points between the board’s base and the snow. Thus, when a rider shifts his weight from toe to heel, the board rolls across each ridge rather than bouncing from side-to-side. Come time for pow-day performances, the technology functions much like a hull on a boat, pushing the snowboard above the snow’s surface and keeping the top sheet clear. The series includes the Double Dog, Deep Days, and Daily Driver, each available in two sizes and priced at $600.

Purchase: $600