BullseyeBore Drill Guide

Even professional carpenters have fits when it comes to boring a straight hole, so the DIY-happy layman shouldn’t be shy about using a drill guide to help them hit the mark. The BullseyeBore is meant to do just that using a simple transparent disc that mounts on your drill and gives your favorite hole-maker dead-eye accuracy.

Using lasers, triple concentric circles are thrown onto your drilling surface. So long as they all look like circles, you’re fine. The second you start going sideways, the outer circle will go wonky to let you know it’s time to get your stallion back in the corral. As you go deeper, the outer circle contracts while the others stay steady on, keeping you true to the course. Multiple versions are projected, so whatever the job, whatever the material, there’s going to be a BullseyeBore to suit your purposes. [Purchase]