Bugatti And TIDAL Team Up On A Set Of Super-Exclusive Hi-Fi Home Speakers

Widely regarded amongst the car community as the pinnacle of automotive perfection, Bugatti has been careful not to tarnish its name with too many collaborations. So, while the likes of Ferrari and Porsche have home offerings aplenty, the French hypercar manufacturer has shown considerable restraint by comparison.

In partnership with German-based sound specialist TIDAL, Bugatti is producing a limited run of “Royale” speakers for home audio applications. And my what a premium product they look to be. For starters, every single component was developed specifically for the Royale in order to deliver a peerless sound experience. In practice, this means that each unit comes with four subwoofers, a pair of three-way front units, a midrange driver, and, for the pièce de résistance, a diamond tweeter. And when it comes to appearances, Bugatti has spared no expense. Available in Monococque and Duotone colorways, there are also a number of optional exterior adornments, including carbon fiber, leather, dark aluminum, and polished stainless steel. Finished off with a front-mounted Bugatti logo and an art deco design, the Royale makes for quite the stunning speaker. Available in ‘Edition Noir’ and ‘Edition Blanc’, each set will be limited to 15 units. Contact TIDAL for more.

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