Bugatti & Hermès Partner Up On A One-Of-A-Kind Bespoke Chiron Hypercar

The unison of two refined centurial companies is never a bad thing, and when it comes to automotive style, nobody does it better than Bugatti. In the 1920s, the revered automaker joined forces with the fashionable minds at Hermès for the companies’ first-ever joint project — and now, they’ve revived their close-knit companionship for a one-of-one custom Chiron hypercar.

With an emphasis on unparalleled aesthetic presence, Hermès signature ‘Courbettes’ graphic has been placed atop a number of the vehicle’s interior elements, with the company’s specialized, high-end fabrics, patterns, and design elements making their debut in a supersport platform for the first time. Leather and cashmere paneling, bespoke detailing, and lavish inductions complement the Chiron’s immensely-powerful, 1,500-horsepower engine, creating a sultry blend of suave style and mind-numbing performance characteristics. On its exterior, the supercar has been bathed in an illustrious shade of color dubbed Hermès Craie, while the vehicle’s rear wing has taken on the company’s staple rearing horse motif. Sadly, the Chiron was created exclusively for California real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin, ensuring that its one-of-one stature will never be challenged.

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