Bugatti Type 57 T Concept

Created by the founder’s son, Bugatti’s Type 57 – and later the Atlantic and Atalante – is one of their most classic designs. In fact, it informed a lot of their present styling. Concept artist Arthur B. Nustas, however, wanted to take it a step further with a futuristic hypercar design that drew heavily on it. He appropriately dubbed it the Type 57 T Concept.

Its sleek elongated design, which mimics that of the original 57s, and two-tone paint scheme looks like something you might see Bruce Wayne tooling around in… sometime in the year 3000. And while the slick exterior is an elegant balance of the past and the future, the inside is pure luxury through and through – with metal accents, premium leather upholstery, and intuitive controls. This impressive vehicle remains nothing more than a concept for now, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Bugatti pump out something as equally gorgeous as this in the coming years.

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