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The Wraithlike ‘Next-57’ Concept Pays Homage To Bugatti’s Iconic SC Atlantic

Bugatti’s Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupé has gone down in history as one of the most illustrious and aesthetically-pronounced vehicles ever, meaning that its prestige is well-earned. As such, the car has a robust fan base reaching to the farthest corners of the globe. This includes doinnext_cong, a designer who’s taken to Instagram to reveal his own immaculate evaluation of the icon.

The artist’s “Next-57” concept is difficult to summarize, but it’s clear that the renowned SC Atlantic Coupé has found its successor. Its shadowy, gloss-black exterior serves to mask its sublime curvature, while an elongated nose, enclosed wheels, and glass dome give the car a feeling of unparalleled luxuriousness. That being said, the lavish nature of the Next-57 is something that words cannot readily convey. Somehow, Cong was able to translate this into a futuristic, steampunk-esque concept, adopting jewel-like headlights, illuminated wheel wells, and a smart, rotating cockpit that invites its driver with open arms. Once inside, the 57’s plush red suede, futuristic dashboard, and central steering wheel envelop all, providing (what would be) one of the most intriguing in-coach experiences in the automotive world. Head to Cong’s Instagram for a closer look at the mesmerizing concept.

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