Bugatti Honors French Airmen With A 1,500HP Special Chiron Sport Hypercar

In their infancy, the automobile and aviation industries were heavily intertwined, with both sectors hugely benefitting from the enormous technological and mechanical strides made in the early 1900s. And though the Wright Brothers held the distinction of launching the world’s first plane, the nation of France was a hotbed of aviation activity, with the country being home to a slew of legendary pilots. For its latest special edition model, Bugatti is honoring these airmen with the Chiron Sport Les Legendes Du Ciel.

The “Legends Of The Sky” variant is based on the French firm’s Chiron Sport—one of the fastest and most powerful production models on earth—and features the elite hypercar’s 8.0L W16 engine. Generating 1,479hp and 1,180ft-lbs of torque, the special edition model has a top speed that’s electronically-limited to 260mph. The vehicle’s exterior is cloaked in a special matte gray livery that’s inspired by the paint adorning early aircraft, as well as a redesigned grille, while inside the Les Legendes Du Ciel boasts door panels and headrests inscribed with a bi-plane illustration, and door sills reading “Les Legendes Du Ciel.” Limited to only 20 units worldwide, the 2021 Bugatti Chiron Sport Les Legendes Du Ciel is priced at approximately $3,420,000.

Purchase: $3,420,000