Bugatti Chiron Baja Racer

Image: Javier Oquendo Design

As far as sheer ingenuity in concerned, the Bugatti Chiron is clearly one of the finest automobiles ever built. By themselves, these hypercars boast some incredible performance statistics that blow the competition out of the water. However, if you had to pick a pitfall with these vehicles, it’s their lack of off-road prowess.

Well, it’s clear that designer Javier Oquendo had this in mind when putting together this rendering of a Bugatti Chiron outfitted for roaring through the unforgiving desert terrain – now featuring some serious wheel arches, spare wheel fixed to the ride’s new roof rack, and a mean bull bar. Combine these features with some knobby off-road tires and this thing looks ready to rip through no man’s land with ease. Will this ever come to fruition, probably not, but we can still daydream can’t we?

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