Bugatti Chiron Atelier Factory in France

Last year, the Bugatti Chiron made headlines here in the US as the first one made its way onto American soil. They’re some of the most advanced cars in the world – technically classified as supercars – and thanks to an exclusive Bugatti release, we can now witness the process that goes into building one of the most powerful, luxurious, and expensive cars ever made.

Known as the “Atelier” this production factory tucked in the small town of Molsheim, France is one of the cleanest and most advanced we’ve ever seen. Each car is treated like royalty in which a team of 20 individuals assembles each of the 1,800 parts by hand. The process takes months (up to nine in some cases) but that’s only because every little detail, from the powertrain to the taillights, is individually checked for quality. Once the Chiron is completed, it’s taken before a team of Bugatti executives who then hand the car over to the owner upon approval. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind process. Whether or not it’s worth the multi-million dollar price tag is up to you.