Bugatti Belt Buckle By Roland Iten

Jan 6, 2014

Category: Style

“OK, guys, it’s been 15 years since rappers started wearing their pants down their asses. How oh how can we finally kill this trend?” And that (I’m guessing) is how the $84,000 Bugatti belt buckle was born. Meant to appeal to stadium-filling MCs and people who just really demand a precise fitting belt, “mechanical luxury specialist” Roland Iten did indeed build this baby in collaboration with the luxury automaker.

Comprised of precisely 100 components in solid white and rose gold, lightweight titanium and stainless steel, each piece of this limited edition series of 22 has been handcrafted, polished and assembled by those crafty master craftsmen in Geneva, Switzerland. The way Roland probably sees it, if this doesn’t get rappers to pull their pants up, nothing will. Makes sense. [Purchase]

Bugatti Belt Buckle By Roland Iten 2

Bugatti Belt Buckle By Roland Iten 3

Bugatti Belt Buckle By Roland Iten 4

Bugatti Belt Buckle By Roland Iten 5

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