Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System

More often than not, we’re caught schlepping around more than one piece of luggage when traveling. First you have to bring along your suitcase, then the backpack, and if you’re a really bad packer – an extra briefcase. Instead of just ignoring this unpleasant reality of traveling, the Dutch brand Bugaboo has built out the Boxer system.

What sets this system apart from others on the market is that it allows for different travel configurations to click into one easy to roll around on a four wheeled chassis. The components consist of a cabin case, a suitcase, and a laptop bag. Each snap onto the other with strong magnets, and then move around on a push steering system intended to give travelers better maneuverability when walking through crowded traveling hubs. When you get to your plane, train, or automobile, you can simply unclip your carryon and fold down your chassis for easy storage. Prices start at $1,030. [Purchase]

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System 1

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System 2

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System 3

Bugaboo Boxer Luggage System 4