Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Salt Gun

The original Bug-A-Salt was one of the coolest toys we’d seen in a while, so when we heard that Lorenzo Maggiore was working on a new version, we couldn’t wait to see it. Feast your eyes upon the Bag-A-Salt 2.0.

Back and better than ever, Bug-A-Salt 2.0 is still the funnest way to kill those pesky flies buzzing around your house. The next generation salt shooter is much more efficient than its predecessor, using less salt per shot. While we’re all for efficiency, it’s not what got us excited about 2.0. What got us excited was the increased power output (shown in the video below), which is great when you’re looking to take out other bothersome insects. The gun is now available in a camouflage pattern finish (along with a yellow finish option), another welcomed tactical update. You can scoop yours up online for $60.

Purchase: $60