Blanton’s Introduces A Limited-Edition ‘Straight From The Barrel’ Bourbon

Sep 2, 2020

Category: Vices

Born and raised in Kentucky, Albert Blanton was a blender and master distiller that spent much of his life striving to preserve the American South’s tradition of handcrafted bourbon whiskey. For five-and-a-half decades, Blanton worked within the facility that we today call the Buffalo Trace Distillery. In a bid to honor Blanton, in 1984, Buffalo Trace launched its Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon brand, which sees each bottle sourced from a single barrel, rather than being mixed. The latest release from this Buffalo Trace brand perfectly exemplifies what the Blanton’s label is all about, with the appropriately-named “Straight From The Barrel” Bourbon.

As per the monicker, Blanton’s SFTB bourbon is unfiltered and uncut. Interestingly, this new liquor shares the exact same recipe as Blanton’s Original and Gold bourbons, though the proof will slightly differ from bottle to bottle, though, for a point of reference, Blanton’s Original and Gold have an ABV of 46.5% and 51.5% respectively. Intended to be served neat, the SFTB Bourbon boasts a nose of caramel and dark chocolate with a palette of oak and vanilla. Available in extremely limited numbers, Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel carries an MSRP of $150 and is scheduled to start shipping later this fall.

Purchase: $150

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