CW Zon Morphs Buell’s X1 Lightning Into A Svelte Scrambler

Photos: Hiromitsu Yasui

Japan’s custom motorcycle industry has seen a drastic upturn as of late. And with more and more builders being thrust into the limelight, the country has become one of the premier destinations for aftermarket modification. Now, one of the nation’s finest shops, Custom Works Zon, has revealed a sleek revision of the Buell X1 Lightning — reminding us of everything we’ve come to love about the bike.

The company’s fantastic-looking Buell X1 Lightning was actually a neglected example that was acquired, stripped of nearly all of its components, and rebuilt from the ground up. After removing a slew of vital peripherals (including the bike’s signature swingarm), Zon’s talented team turned to the fabrication table to create a custom steel variant that would stand up to relentless trail riding. In turn, the rear of the bike has been elongated, giving it more stability as it tears through the forests of Japan. The exclusion of the bike’s traditional belt drive has helped to shave some weight, working alongside an alloy subframe and custom-tailored bodywork to bring out the Buell’s true potential. The result: A one-of-a-kind build that seamlessly blends an aggressive posture, refined poise, and a touch of sleek styling that places the X1 into the realm of ambiguity — not like that’s a bad thing.

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