Buell Is Reentering The Motorcycle Market With 10 New Models By 2024

Erik Buell is without a shadow of a doubt one of, if not the most celebrated names in the American sportbike realm, founding Buell Motorcycles in 1983 before the outfit was purchased by Harley-Davidson in 1993. Since that time, a myriad of buyouts, financial crashes, and other factors ultimately lead to Buell shutting down operations. In 2009 the race icon started EBR (or Erik Buell Racing), though in 2017 the marque went under. In addition to his ongoing involvement with the Fuell EV brand, Buell has now announced the revival of the Buell Motorcycles brand for 2021, promising to unveil 10 new models by 2024.

Buell Moto has brought back an updated version of the old 1190RX, now known as the 1190RX Hammerhead, as well as a lightly revised version of the 1190SX naked model — both of which are offered in regular or carbon-fiber versions, are powered by liquid-cooled 1,190cc 72° V-Twins putting down 185hp, 102ft-lbs of torque, and they feature Buell’s signature fuel-in-frame chassis. What’s more, the new Buell Moto will also be producing dedicated off-road models, plus a new version of the Ulysses XB12X V-Twin adventure bike now called the 1190 Super Touring that’s slated to hit production in 2023. For more info, you can check out the new Buell Motorcycle website linked below.

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