Buell Blast ‘Franken-Blast’ Motorcycle

The Buell Motorcycle Company had a very tumultuous story that ended with the brand’s dissolution under the Harley-Davidson umbrella. Still, they made some very impressive bikes that found new life after Buell’s demise – most notably the Magpul Ronin 47 series of bikes. The Buell Blast, however, was a significantly subdued and short-lived offering from the brand. But it’s potential has finally been unlocked in the ‘Franken-Blast’ custom build by DesmoBIBU.

Built by-hand in a small Chicago apartment, this 492cc shredder looks a lot like the Magpul Ronin’s little brother. But it has a character all its own – from its Biltwell grips and Chassis Design Company-built front-end, to the retrofitted Buell XB and Buell 1125 parts on the rear end. And, along the entirety of the newly machined body, you’ll find numerous other upgrades that include an LED tail light, a handlebar smartphone mount, an aluminum electronics cover, and more. All in all, this is an impressively unique take on an otherwise forgettable bike – which is made all the more impressive by the guest bedroom workshop in which it was built. [H/T: Bike EXIF]