Budweiser State Beer

There is a war going on in the world of beer. But it isn’t war in the traditional sense. In fact, the whole fight here is focused on something that is relatively simple; categorization. What counts as craft, and what doesn’t? And what exactly does ‘local’ mean, anyway? Concerning the latter question, AB InBev is firing the latest salvo with their Budweiser State Packaging.

These new cans from the beer giant boast the names of the 12 different states in which Budweiser is brewed. The release is a savvy one. Yes, Budweiser is a gigantic legacy company worth billions of dollars. But, as they argue, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t ‘local’. They employ people as real as you and me in 12 different breweries to produce beer for people who live in those very states (as well as all the others and then some). Whether you think this is a somewhat naked attempt to erode the english language or not, you can’t deny that the cans are very well done. Each features the name of the state, the state’s motto, the an excerpt from the National Anthem. All we can say is God bless America, and may the side with the best marketing team win.

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