Bud Light Built A 1-Of-1 Hybrid Koozie-Projector-Console To Benefit Charity

Budweiser is certainly no stranger to novel marketing projects and campaigns, with the American brewery boasting a long history of noteworthy, idiosyncratic adverts and promotions. Bud’s latest marketing stunt just might be the brand’s most unique to date, with the company delivering a hybrid six-pack, doozie, projector, and video game console that’s being auctioned for charity.

No bigger than your average six-pack, the console features two cans that accommodate the system’s pair of controllers and two faux cans that act as beer koozies. The rig is also equipped with 16GB of memory, a built-in mini projector (with HDMI, power, and USB-A ports), and six preloaded games including SoulCalibur VI, Tekken 7, and R.B.I Baseball 20 to name a few. The console also sports integrated blue LED lights, blending old-school and new-school visual themes. Appropriately christened the “BL6 The Coolest Console Ever,” only a single unit is being produced, with all proceeds being matched by Budweiser before being given to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. As of the time of writing, bidding has reached $4,020, with five days remaining on the sale.

Purchase: $4,020+