Buck Knives Ebony 110 Folding Hunter

Back when Buck Knives first released their would-be iconic 110 Folding Hunter, it was available with ebony wood scales. Sadly, thanks to poor harvesting practices, ebony nearly went extinct and Buck abandoned the material in favor of synthetic Dymondwood. Now, after 25 years, they’re bringing the beautiful dark wood back.

In a partnership with Taylor Guitars, a San Diego-based instrument manufacturer that saved ebony wood from extinction nearly single-handedly, Buck Knives has reintroduced ebony scales to their legendary 110 Folding Hunter, as well as the 112 Ranger and 101 fixed blade varieties. And rather than adding ebony as an option, it looks like they’re replacing Dymondwood altogether. The biggest benefit is that ebony is a very stable and durable non-synthetic wood, making for a supremely sturdy folder while still retaining its natural beauty. Plus, since they’re sourcing it from Taylor’s own Cameroon sawmill, you can trust that it’s harvested responsibly. The new ebony knives are available now starting at $77.

Purchase: $77+