Buck Knives 110 Automatic

Buck is an American knife manufacturing brand that dates back over a hundred years. And, although the model 110 hunting blade doesn’t date back quite that far, it is nonetheless one of the most iconic folding knives in our country’s history. But it isn’t just beautiful. No, it gained a reputation for being incredibly effective and reliable, as well. Without changing any of the things that made it great, Buck has added a neat little addition to their famous knife that will make it even easier to use.

At this year’s SHOT show, Buck Knives announced that they are releasing for purchase a version of their model 110 hunting knife that comes equipped with an automatic opening deployment system. That means that, at the push of a button, the user will be able to extend the blade from the handle. Prior versions of this knife required the use of two hands, so this new offering has a pretty significant leg-up. Especially for hunters that are busy in the field and can’t drop everything to access their blade two-handed. When it hits the market, it will retail for a price of $200. [Purchase]