Solitaire Vision Bulletproof Watch Safe

Part of owning luxurious timepieces revolves around protecting them when they’re not being worn. And, given enough of a collection, protecting these handsome wrist companions depends heavily on some next-level security. Luckily for you, Buben & Zorweg craft a one-of-a-kind watch safe for this very purpose.

New to their Object of Time collection, the opulent safe – dubbed Solitaire Vision – is a visionary masterpiece crafted from an array of fine materials such as stainless steel, precious wood, leather and even bulletproof spyglass for added protection. Additionally, you can house up to 46 separate timepieces in the Solitaire Vision as well. The luxury safe also comes equipped with a humidor, bar module and integrated Hi-Fi system for an enhanced experience each time you wish to check up on these timeless treasures. Finally, the centerpiece here is an ornate word time Tourbillon clock that brings the entire safe under one harmonious tick.

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