Bubba Rope

Photo Credit: Offroad Review

If you go off-roading just for fun or do it regularly for work – it’s likely that you’ve either been stuck in the mud or snow, or have had to help someone out at least once. One of the best ways to get out of those situations fast is by throwing a Bubba Rope on your car.

With an incredibly high breaking strength (ranging from 19,000 pounds all the way up to 131,500 pounds), this long and thick nylon rope is made for recovering big heavy trucks and 4x4s. What makes the Bubba Rope so effective is that it provides anywhere between four and six feet of give, so when it snaps back it pulls the vehicle with it. To top it all off – Bubba Rope comes with a standard thick rubberized coating to protect from fraying. Keep from getting stuck for just under $200. [Purchase]