Brydge Apple iPad Keyboard & Dock

Brydge Apple iPad Keyboard Dock

Brydge Apple iPad Keyboard  DockOriginally one of the most criticized gadgets to hit the retail scene, the Apple iPad has quickly become one of the most innovative and groundbreaking devices ever introduced to the technology market. Many people are even starting to do away with their standard computers in favor of an iPad, but the common issue we have encountered is the daily use of the touchscreen keypad.

Although it is designed well and responds nicely, you simply cannot be as efficient on an iPad when comparing to a standard computer. The most obvious way to solve this problem would be through a keyboard, and though many have released the Brydge iPad Dock & Keyboard looks to be the most promising yet. The Brydge keyboard is a complete companion providing the functionality of a full sized laptop right down to the built in stereo system. The patent pending technology on their hinge holds you iPad sturdy while offering 180 degrees of positioning. The Brydge is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, which matches the high quality feel of the Apple iPad itself.

Brydge Apple iPad Keyboard  Dock