Brux Coffee Brewer

For such a simple drink, coffee sure does create a lot of mess. First you need your grinder, then you have your brewing system, and then some method or container for heating up the water. Oh, and a mug to drink it in. This doesn’t pose much of a problem throughout the week, but in the woods? It can get cumbersome. For those looking to skip the strain, there is the BRuX Coffee Brewer.

This simple brewer serves as a kind of ‘all in one’ simple tool for whipping up a great cup of coffee. All users have to do is to open up the bottle, pull up the cone brewer, throw in a filter and some ground coffee and boom – you have yourself a pour-over setup. Once you’re done brewing, the container serves as a vacuum insulated mug so you can continue to enjoy your black gold all day. Of course, once you are done, you can simply pack it all back in the can. To get a better idea of how this works check out the video below (Fair warning, it is beyond ridiculous. And not in a good way.) Prices are set at $70. [Purchase]