Brute Box Coolers

When the name of your company is Brute Outdoors, and your logo is a charging bison who’s probably pissed about all those Ted Turner restaurants, you damn well better build your stuff tough.

These Brute Box Coolers appear to fit that bill, with thick pressure-injected insulated walls for maximum ice retention, two heavy duty rubber latches and a cantilever hinge system, a rubber gasket for a sure tight seal, and even an integrated ruler for measuring the size of that fish that you bought caught. OK, bought. Perfect for hardy camping or fishing trips or just tailgating before the game, these coolers come in five sizes; 25 quart, 50 quart, 75 quart, 100 quart, and 150 quart. Brute says if stacked right, ice can stay solid in their coolers for five days. OK, looks like they’re bison-worthy. [Purchase]