Brunton Axis Pocket Transit

We’re going to be upfront here – the likelihood that a good portion of our readers are geologists or familiar with the tools geologists use is likely small. We’re ok with that though because we’re pretty sure that anyone who appreciates good gear and well built tools will think the Axis Pocket Transit by Brunton is an amazing gadget.

While this may not scream ‘innovation’ at first look, this small tool features a surprising number of firsts. While working as a college geology instructor Lauren Heerschap kept running into problems with her pocket transit. It was difficult to measure strike and dip on varying planes, and getting trend and plunge necessitated a different set of tools. After long enough she decided to design her own, better version of the tool. With some help from her husband, who fabricated a prototype, the two sent off that same prototype to Brunton who ended up running with Heerschap’s design and started manufacturing it. The result of their work is the Axis Pocket Transit, the first tool with the ability to measure both strike and dip, trend and plunge, and still provide direction thanks to a compass. This means that now geologists can pack more utility into a smaller package. How’s that for innovation, Silicon Valley? Prices start at $780. [Purchase]