BRP Electrifies 6 Powersports Vehicles For The EV Concept Collection

If you’re not yet acquainted with BRP, you’ll be surprised to hear that they’re the company behind a large portion of the industry’s adrenaline-inducing vehicles. With namesakes like Can-Am and Sea-Doo under their umbrella, they’ve helped to foster our love for adventure; and now, they’ve revealed an interesting plan to take over a different segment of the market, thanks to an all-new electrified lineup.

BRP’s new EV Concept Collection is chock full of favorites from the company’s various lines, including the water-ready Sea-Doo GTI, road-focused Ryker EV, commute-savvy eCOM and TWeLVE, and the CT1 and CT2 — an electric moped and motorcycle that were built with the urban environment in mind. The Sea-Doo GTI’s electric powertrain promises more robust capabilities, a quieter footprint, and less environmental impact than its predecessors, while the redesigned Ryker EV boasts a newly-implemented aerodynamic body style, a baffled air intake, and an elaborate light layout that’s new to the three-wheeled machine. Following the company’s Powersports offerings, the eCOM trike and TWeLVE city-vehicle solicit greater urban traversal, thanks to interesting leaning architecture and a two-seat orientation. To wrap things up, the CT1 moped and CT2 motorcycle provide “personal, shared and commercial mobility solutions” for inner-city riders. Learn more about the conceptual vehicles on BRP’s website.

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