Spec-Ops Teams Get An Airborne Ally With This Glass-Cutting Carbon Fiber Drone

Drones are capable of a lot more than taking dramatic wedding photos and delivering Amazon packages. They can also be an extremely useful tool for tactical teams during hostage, barricade, and active shooter situations, as the new LEMUR from Brinc Drones proves.

The LEMUR is built to get to suspects no matter where they are, whether they’re inside buildings or vehicles. It’s able to do so thanks to an on-board glass breaker that spins up to 30,000 RPM. The drone is also equipped with a high definition RGB camera, built-in night vision, and IR illuminators for superior reconnaissance, and it has cellular-based two-way communication, meaning that its operators can have conversations with suspects — something that should come in especially handy during hostage negotiations. Given the nature of the work in which the LEMUR will be involved, it’s also built tough, with a carbon fiber frame and an innovative self-righting system that allows it to flip itself over if it crashes. You can inquire about purchasing a Brinc Drones LEMUR through Drone Nerds.

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