This Smart Cycling Helmet Films In HD And Monitors Your Health

As technology continues to make drastic strides when it comes to complexity, compactness, and capability, we’ve seen multiple venues incorporate cutting-edge characteristics into their own creative cornerstones. The world of safety is one such medium; and now, Briko has opted to take cycling gear to the next level with the “world’s first Cerebellum-integrated helmet” — the Cerebellum One.

This great-looking smart helmet pairs one of the best designs in the industry with an all-new technological system that’s been outfitted with two built-in 4K/30fps video cameras, impact sensors, and geolocation transmitters that have your best interests in mind. Whenever you head out into traffic, the Cerebellum One will record, and wirelessly transfer, the footage from your ride to the company’s iOS/Android app, allowing riders to use their phone as either a storage device or rear-view mirror. If you do end up in an accident, the Cerebellum One will alert a set of preordained contacts to your whereabouts. When we say that the smart helmet has your best interests in mind, we aren’t lying; it even features a sensor that lets the rider know whenever they’re reaching less-than-exemplary hydration levels. You’ll be able to pick up Briko’s Cerebellum One in Italy next year for around $542.

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