24k Gold Lux AirPods Classic

Apple AirPods are a revolutionary piece of tech that have been given some interesting aesthetic remixes, including a throwback 80’s Apple paint job. Adding to that mix of visual treats is Brikk, as they’ve made AirPods fit for a king, dipping them in gold.

The Lux AirPods Classic are given the Midas touch with two layers of pure 24k yellow gold, coating the entirety of the AirPods and the charging case. For extra shine, each pair is hand polished, plated and assembled in Brikk’s advanced laboratory in Los Angeles. The thickness of the gold plating is 3.0 microns, which is thick enough for the long haul, as these don’t need any protective coating. Although not as exciting, you can also get these AirPods in 18k pink gold and 950 platinum. If your pockets are deep enough, you can grab these treasure-chest worthy wireless earphones.

Purchase: $5,000