BRIK Fietsen Commuter Bike

There’s pros and cons to living close to where you work. Pro: You can bicycle to your job. Con: Those bastards think they can call you in at any time of the day or night.

While we can’t you with the latter, we can tell you about the BRIK Fietsen commuter bikes, a nifty line of stylish and sturdy bicycle that are aimed at the person who pedals to work. Each model has a drive shaft instead of a typical chain, so there’s no need to worry about maintenance or adjustments. The Netherlands-based company also has an electric bike, E-BRIK, for those people who don’t arrive at the office with pit stains. You can customize your frames and accessorize with upgrades like leather saddles, baskets and or a child seat for Bring Your Child to Work Dangerously on Your Bicycle Day. [Purchase]

BRIK Fietsen Commuter Bike 2

BRIK Fietsen Commuter Bike 3

BRIK Fietsen Commuter Bike 4