BrewDog & Schorschbrau Join Forces For The Highest ABV Beer Ever

Sep 30, 2020

Category: Vices

Back in 2008, Schorschbräu Brewery unwittingly started a brewing arms race with its groundbreaking Schorschbock beer. Featuring a staggering 31.7% ABV, the Bock-style brew easily took the crown as the world’s strongest beer. However, Schorschbräu’s fame was to be short-lived, for just 11 months later, Scotland-based BrewDog one-upped the German brewer with a 32 percent-er they called “Tactical Nuclear Penguin.” The two have been at it ever since — seeking to outdo each other in a quest for the biggest brew.

The latest chapter in the saga has taken a surprising twist, with once-rivals BrewDog and Schorschbräu teaming up for a collaboration unlike any other — a massive 57.8% ABV Bock. As an appropriate homage to their joint-effort, they’re calling the new world’s strongest beer “Strength in Numbers.” Brewed using the traditional Eisbock method, it was then frozen and de-iced so that only highly concentrated ABV liquid remained. The beer also includes a blend of BrewDog’s “Death or Glory,” an ice-distilled Belgian ale aged in whiskey casks for 10 years. What results is not only a brew unlike any other but also a fitting conclusion to a decade-plus long battle. Already sold out, we can only hope it’ll make a return.

Purchase: $38

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