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BrewDog Is Hiding 10 $20K Solid Gold Cans In Its Punk IPA Multipacks

Between dropping taxidermied cats across London, changing its founders’ names to Elvis, and contesting the title for the world’s strongest beer, BrewDog is no stranger to publicity — both good and bad. However, the Scottish-based brewery’s latest stunt is easily its most ludicrous to date. Familiar with the frenzy incited by five special foil tickets, BrewDog had just one thing to say to the Roald Dahl and his famed chocolate tycoon — “hold my beer.”

Earlier this autumn, BrewDog announced that it would be randomly including 10 gold-wrapped cans in and amongst its existing stock of Punk IPA. Upon finding the limited-run replica, lucky winners will take home a corresponding 24-carat gold can as well as £10,000 worth of company shares and a VIP tour of the BrewDog Brew HQ located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Valued at nearly $20,000 apiece, each solid gold can is crafted by the same smiths who make the trophies for the FA and Ryder Cups. You can find the cans hidden in Punk IPA 12 packs, Punk IPA 24-can bundles, and Punk IPA 48-can bundles purchased on the BrewDog website. With nine of the 10 cans already claimed, you’ll have to act fast if you want a shot.

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