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This Watch Is Made With Wood From Howard Hughes’ ‘Spruce Goose’

The history of aviation is chock full of lauded aircraft, and while each has played its own special role in the history of the world, few can match the gall of Howard Hughes’ H-4 Hercules. To honor one of the most iconic aircraft of all time, Britain’s Bremont has created a unique, one-of-a-kind timepiece in three prestigious case types.

To capture the essence of Hughes’ “Spruce Goose,” Bremont set out to create a collection of watches that would match the craft’s ambitious nature. On November 2nd of 1947, the H-4 Hercules provided the ultimate vindication for its designer, the American Industrialist Henry Kaiser, and his partner, the legendary businessman Howard Hughes, by transcending the possibilities of current aviation. After takeoff, the monstrous aircraft remained airborne for under a minute, traveling almost a complete mile before it was safely landed in Terminal Island’s harbor waters. The all-wood H-4 Hercules served to push the boundaries of what was thought possible; so, to honor its tenacity, Bremont’s Steel, Rose Gold, and Platinum timepieces were devised to pay homage. Aside from the watch’s handsome design, a GMT function and 24-hour ring have been implemented, honoring the planes’ original mission of transatlantic flight, while birch veneer from the H-4 Hercules’ fuselage adorns a bespoke propeller at its rear. Head to the company’s website to pick up one of your own starting at $11,895.

Purchase: $11,895+