Brekr’s eBike Goes An Extra 100 Miles With An Expandable Battery

The inclusion of an electrified power plant opens up a plethora of doors for any automotive manufacturer, and even more when it comes to the sleek, minimalistic design terminologies associated with modern motorcycles. Brekr’s latest project, the Model B, is one such example, boasting a unique exterior, an attractive silhouette, and even more gumption when it comes to capability.

This modular moto was designed from the ground up to take on the urban environment, thanks to its moped-like styling, 50-mile range, and a powerful 1.9 kW/h battery that allows it to traverse city streets at a comfortable 28 miles-per-hour. But, what makes the Brekr Model B so special is its proprietary battery expansion system, giving riders the ability to lift the EV’s seat and add a secondary battery for an additional 100 miles of rideability. To make the deal even sweeter, the bike is built atop a lightweight aluminum frame that helps it to clock in at around 66-pounds less than its competitors, making it the perfect mobile moto for a quick jaunt around town. The Brekr Model B is slated for release in the spring of 2020, so head over to the company’s website and reserve your $4,340 model for just $10 before January 31.

Purchase: $4,340+