You Can Rent 3 Watches A Year Through Breitling’s Subscription Service

For luxury watchmakers like Breitling, the cost of entry is elusive to many, with their most-inexpensive new models priced at several thousand dollars. But Breitling is offering the chance to wear their watches for less with their new watch subscription service, Breitling Select.

Breitling Select offers members a roster of used Breitling watches that have been refurbished by the company. After paying an initial signup fee of $450, plus a monthly subscription fee of $129, subscribers can choose the watches they would like to test out from a selection that includes Navitimers, Avengers, Superoceans, and more. They can select up to three watches per year, with a minimum rental time of one month and a maximum of six months. After two months in the service, Breitling Select members are then eligible to receive special offers from Breitling to purchase one of the watches they’ve tried out. Breitling hasn’t revealed what these offers will look like, but given that subscribers will have already invested $710 in the service by the time they receive any offers, one would expect Breitling to put forth some pretty attractive deals. You sign up for Breitling Select yourself at Breitling’s website.

Purchase: $450+