Breitling’s Vintage-Style 1959 Dive Watch Gets A Pair Of Opulent Editions

Originally released in 1959, Breitling’s Navitimer has been solidified as the brand’s most iconic watch and is still a staple of their catalog to this day. And while Breitling had previously released a vintage throwback edition, they’ve just added another pair of limited editions to that collection done up with more opulent accouterments.

Called the Navitimer 1959 Edition, both of these new versions are faithful recreations of the original Navitimer dive watch — including its legendary “beaded” bezel, a recreation of the original Navitimer Ref. 806 hand-wound movement, and more. The difference, however, can be found in their materials. You see, the first of these watches is done up in 18K red gold whereas the second boasts a case of genuine platinum. These ultra-opulent revivals are limited to just 159 and 59 examples and are priced at $22,850 and $39,900, respectively.

Purchase: $22,850+