Breitling B55 Connected Watch

We’re skeptical that true watch aficionados are going to go all in on the Apple Watch, at least in its first iteration. But even the storied watchmakers are working in smart features with their classic designs.

Breitling’s B55 Connected Watch, like the B50, is powered by a proprietary Superquartz movement exclusive to the Swiss company, but this one connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The watch also features a rechargeable battery, automatic back-light sensors, a perpetual calendar, 1/100 of a second chronograph, various time zones, and an electronic tachometer. On your wrist will be a 46mm wide black-coated titanium case, matching black dial with a blue “connected” symbol, and a complementary band. An accompanying app gives you control over a host of functions that would prove too cumbersome to use with the dial, including adjusting the time, calendar, alarms, and more. No word yet on a price, but we know we can’t afford it. [Purchase]

Breitling B55 Connected Watch 1

Breitling B55 Connected Watch 3