Bravo Company The Colonel

While we usually believe in the overall utility of bladed tools, the fact remains that some knives were made for conflict. And that’s especially true when it comes to anything designed for use by the U.S. armed forces. Doubly so for this knife made by Bravo Company, as it was created with input from multiple Special Operations End Users.

Interestingly enough, this blade was designed with trained shooters in mind. The curved handle was modeled after and intended to be drawn the same as a sidearm. And the curve of the blade makes striking as easy as throwing a punch. The overall profile also sits low in the hand for positive retention and offers much less risk of self-injury than a normal knife. The American made G10 scales offer superb grip and the N690Co steel blade can take a tremendous amount of punishment. These tactical combat knives retail starting at $199. [Purchase]

Bravo Company Mfg The Colonel 01