Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Speaker

For some of us, a relaxing day at the beach consists of stretching out, shutting our eyes and falling asleep to the thundering sounds of the surf. For others, a day at that beach isn’t complete without access to a favorite playlist. Fortunately for the latter, there’s the Braven Stryde 360 Waterproof Speaker.

Housed within a convenient cylindrical case this Bluetooth speaker boasts quite the formidable 360-degree sound capability for its size along with an IP67 waterproof certification meaning the Stryde can withstand full submersion in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Its shape also allows it to fit in most cup holders, features a built-in voice control, and lets you take and make phone calls without the use of your hands. This, combined with the speaker’s dual passive radiator and opposing drivers, provide explosive sound in a small summertime-friendly package. Available now.

Purchase: $100