Brava Pure Light Smart Oven

The world moves so fast these days that there isn’t always time to cook a well-prepared, hearty meal. Brava tackled that problem and came up with an energy efficient smart oven that will save you from cycling through expensive takeout options and frozen meals.

Unlike any other piece of cooking equipment out there, Brava’s oven has ‘Pure Light Cooking’ technology that uses infrared energy to cook food thoroughly and quickly. This smart oven transfers heat directly to your food, instead of just heating the air or the food tray, using six advanced cooking lamps that mimic the power of sunlight in order to heat specific areas of the oven when and where it’s needed. In fact, it can heat up to 500° F in less than a second with no preheating required. In order to cook the interior and exterior of foods independently, you can adjust the frequency of lightwaves in real time, allowing extreme sears on the outside while preserving the delicate flavors inside. It also comes with a five-detection point thermometer, a vision system to monitor your food with an app or the oven touchscreen and a culinary engine that’s been optimized by top chefs. You can even order Brava Meal Kits that you can prepare in just the touch of a button with this oven. Pre-order this Brava Smart Oven now.

Purchase: $1,000