Pure Audio Resurrects Braun’s Iconic Minimalist Speakers

Although it’s been nearly three decades since Braun stepped out of the audio scene, many can still recognize the German company’s classic speaker designs. The Dieter Rams LE range design from 1959 is being brought back through a license agreement with Procter and Gamble to use the Braun name. Braun x Pure Audio LE Speakers resurrect the minimalist design for the enjoyment of audiophiles everywhere.

The revamped LE speaker lineup focuses on the purity of the design and sound. Featuring cutting-edge Hi-Fi audio and state-of-the-art technology and connectivity, the ‘50s design will have modern performance. It’s a comeback of sorts, as it pulls Braun back into the audio spotlight. The range of speakers will maintain the square frame and simple aesthetic, as seen with the three speakers presented here. The entire collection of Braun x Pure Audio LE Speakers will debut at IFA in Berlin this September.

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