BRASSE 31BLK Mod Kit for Kawasaki Ninja250

There are motorcycle riders, and then there are motorcycle maniacs; the kind of guys who tinker with every bit of machinery on their rides until their girlfriends have to drag their sleeping bodies out of the garage. But what about the guys in the middle?

For the man who wants to mod, just not make it a lifelong process, comes the BRASSE 31BLK Mod Kit for the Kawasaki Ninja250. This kit comes with everything you need for a full motorcycle makeover, as well as all the necessary tools to pull it off. You get twin gullwing headlamps, a drag speedometer, new rear fender assembly, and right & left component/cover panels. Options include a quick-release passenger seat & mounting bracket, right & left lower fairings, and a side-mount license plate bracket. $1,700 buys the ability to tweak away, and yet still sleep in your own bed. [Purchase]