Brake Free Helmet Brake Light

Anyone who has spent time on two wheels knows how difficult it can be to make yourself seen to motorists. Even if you do all the right things you’ll still catch more than your share of close calls. It doesn’t have to be that way, or so says the team behind the¬†Helmet Brake Light.

Slap this light on the back of any helmet using the non-marking magnetic mounts, and when you hit the brakes or downshift, it’ll grow brighter – alerting motorists at eye level. This was no small feat. The Brake Free team put a lot of time into developing a technology that can detect deceleration even on the rotating and moving head of a motorcyclist. And the best part about this whole thing? It doesn’t have any extraneous wires or require you to synch it with your smartphone. It really is just plug and play. You can get one for your helmet for $90. [Purchase]