Bradley Element Watch

Good design is good design whether it is built specifically for you or not. The Bradley Element watch from Eone is designed to be felt as well as seen, making it both the perfect braille watch and high design piece.

This updated version of the watch features hour markers that are raised slightly off of the scratch resistant ceramic face and a coated in a PVD plating for extra durability. Time is kept by two magnetized ball bearings that work their way around the the outside of the watch on partially recessed tracks in order to tell the hour, and on the inside for minutes. All the wearer has to do to discern the time is to run their hand over the top of the watch. Running on a Renata 371 button cell battery and coming with a steel mesh strap – it’s an ideal watch for those without sight, or big fans of alternative watch design. [Purchase]

Bradley Element Watch 1

Bradley Element Watch 2

Bradley Element Watch 3