BRABUS Mercedes-Benz G500

Photography: BRABUS

It’s hard to improve on something as iconic as the Mercedes Benz G500, but the German high performance tuning company BRABUS has managed to put their own distinctive spin on the stalwart SUV.

BRABUS upgraded the engine of this classy beast by throwing in a 4-liter twin turbo V8, and upping the output to 500 horsepower with 523 pound-feet of torque, making it all the more capable for off-roading. For when you’re on the road, however, BRABUS skimmed off some seconds on the sprint time taking it down to 0-62 miles per-hour in 5.7 seconds. Who said an SUV couldn’t be fast? BRABUS also updated the exterior – fitting the car with 23-inch wheels, a stainless steel exhaust, chromed side-pipes, and high performing LED lights added to the grill. The interior of the car is just as nice, upholstered with Mastik leather seats and given a wooden trim. It’s something we’ll all be putting on our wishlist. [Purchase]

BRABUS Mercedes-Benz G500 1

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