Brabus Upgrades The G-Wagen With More Power & An Overlanding Kit

With an impressive backlog of creations, Brabus is well-known in the aftermarket car customization world — especially when it comes to their performance-oriented take on the legendary Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUVs. And while most of their tuned-up creations look a bit more road-going than anything else, they’re adding a new off-road-ready entry to their lineup.

Called simply the Adventure Package, this full performance kit boosts the output of the G-Wagen to 326 horsepower and 509 foot-pounds of torque. And while that extra boost is helpful, it’s the other bits that really make this all-terrain 4×4 special. That includes a height-adjustable suspension lift that gives drivers an extra 1.6″ of ground clearance, carbon fiber skid plates, carbon fiber body panels (including the hood, rear-end wheel mount, and LED light rig), a roof rack, a front-end winch, and a reupholstered interior. The G-Class SUV is already plenty capable, but this beautifully aggressive kit kicks it up a few notches. There’s no word on price, but you can reach out to Brabus for more info.

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