Braasi Wicker Backpack

Rest easy. The Wicker is not made from the furniture your grandma set out on the porch for sipping sweet tea. It’s 1100 denier ripstop nylon constructed in a webbed pattern to distribute weight and pull more evenly for toting all your EDC gear up a mountain or around a city.

Inside the Wicker is a high degree of square footage for packing away jackets or gear for the ever-shifting temperatures. On the backside it bears a pickpocket-proof place for stowing your keys, wallet, documents, passport, tablet, phone, and any other items you don’t want pilfered from your pack. Lined with heavy-duty polyester it also keeps everything safe and in place during transit, allowing used as a mass transit weekender bag. The small overall footprint and comfortable all-day-wear straps are good for transients, students, or professional operators in need of secure mobile storage. The pack retails for $197. [Purchase]

Braasi Wicker Backpack 1

Braasi Wicker Backpack 2

Braasi Wicker Backpack 3