Box Lock Smart Delivery Padlock

Around this time of year, a lot of American’s are eagerly awaiting gifts they ordered online. Unfortunately, so are petty criminals are. One surefire way to foil their plans? The Box Lock.

This simple but brilliant bit of hardware makes it easy for postal workers to securely deliver packages to your front door. All users have to do is set a designated spot for receiving packages, attach the Box Lock, and they’ll be good to go. The lock can only be opened when a delivery person scans a package that is addressed to the user and scheduled for delivery on that very day. Once the lock is opened, users get an instant notification on their smartphone. All of this means secure delivery without having to deal with the hassle of sending packages to the office, P.O. box, or letting a complete stranger inside of your house. These won’t be ready in time for the holiday season – but if you act now you can get one for next year.

Kickstarter: $100