Box Clever Concept Span Watch

Jun 13, 2014

Category: Style

We’re just spit-wadding here, but we think by the year 2025 or so, the question won’t be whether or not you wear a smartwatch, but how smart you want it to be. For the man who doesn’t want another glowing screen in his life, something like the Concept Span Watch from Box Clever might be the perfect fit—if it ever hits the market.

Yes, there’s a screen here, but it’s modestly applied via a horizontal OLED ribbon across the traditional watch face. You’ll see alerts and notifications, but you’ll also see a stylish accessory that won’t look tacky at a wedding or other formal occasion. Quartz movement handles the jump hour timekeeping, with a simple jog dial on the bezel handling the navigation and controls.

Box Clever Concept Span Watch 1

Box Clever Concept Span Watch 2

Box Clever Concept Span Watch 3

Box Clever Concept Span Watch 4

Box Clever Concept Span Watch 5

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